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Arrival!! (liner notes)

Fred Woodard has arrived! In a town that has a reputation for lots of great musicians and has hundreds of guitar students in various schools here, Fred's new CD should spread the word that there is a guitarist with a very unique sound in town. Listen to him carefully and hear that earthy approach to his playing. It makes you feel like you can always dance when you listen to him.

I find Fred's tone to be warm and inviting, making you want to hear more from him. No matter if he's playing a ballad or an African American Spiritual, like Joshua Fit De Battel ob Jericho, that warmth shines through. He gives a "Spanish Tinge" to the standard I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face. Arrival and Ballad For Barbara have a joyous bluesy feel to them and I would like to meet the Granny that inspired the infectious groove of Blues For Granny."

Although Fred Woodard's name and guitar may not be familiar to many folks yet because he works far too infrequently in this guitar rich town, with Arrival!! Fred is giving notice that he's in town! I hopw you get a chance to catch him now that he's arrived!

Eric D. Jackson
WGBH Radio

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